Alcazar (Seville, Spain)

Stop 11:

You will see photos of the following:

  • Plaza del Triunfo
  • Mudejar palace, the official residence of the king and queen when they’re in town, built by Pedro I (1350– 69) on the site of Seville’s former Moorish alcázar (fortress). We were not allowed to take photographs, but I will say that it was unbelievably beautiful with all of the Moorish geometric patterns on the walls.
  • Puerta del León (Lion’s Gate) – I have one photo at night and another in the day below.
  • Patio del León (Courtyard of the Lion– while under renovation, I saw the lions and can imagine how beautiful it is without scaffolding!
  • Sala de Justicia (Hall of Justice) – 14th-century
  • Patio del Yeso (Courtyard of Plaster), which remains from the original 12th-century Almohad Alcázar.
  • The gardens were also nice, until we couldn’t figure out the path to get out of the maze.

I thank Randy for being able to look at a map once and know exactly how to navigate somewhere he has never been (a gift I definitely do not have…see Caceres blog)…he got me to the one spot where I wanted to get a photo before the crowds arrived. It is the spot below with the long narrow reflecting pool and the gorgeous arches surrounding the courtyard. This is one of my favorite spots from the whole trip, and one that captures the beauty of the Alcazar.

Thanks to Fodor’s Travel Guides, Trip Advisor, and Wikipedia for the great lessons that helped me to plan and summarize this trip.

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