Kosice, Slovakia

Stop #10

We entered back into Slovakia on the Eastern side of the country. Kosice is the major Slovakian city in the East. As one of 2013’s European Capital of Culture, Kosice has plenty of sights.

The city has a town square/plaza. There was a musical fountain (which for whatever seemed to be really common on this trip).  The city was a bit sleepy, but had some fun places to hang out at night…great pubs.


  • Singing Fountain – it seems neat at first, then seems really tacky, and then it is all good and fine again.
  • Cathedral of St. Elizabeth – a 14th century Gothic Cathedral.
  • Statue of Andrassy – Statue of Kosice’s coat of arms, the first municipal coat of arms in Europe.
  • State Theater is a beautiful building in the town square.

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