Edinburgh Castle sits on a volcanic plug, one of the seven Hills that make up city of Edinburgh. The city itself has to be one of the most stunning cities you can visit, offering not only the castle, but also multiple Georgian buildings, a beautiful Cathedral, parks, Holyroodhouse Palace, museums, nightlife, and just about anything else you can look for while on a vacation.

The Royal Mile is the biggest draw for tourists because it begins with the Palace of Holyroodhouse and ends with Edinburgh Castle. On either side of the Royal Mile are Old Town and New Town (1760s to 1890s), which are also excellent places to visit. Leith on the Forth is another popular place to visit. That is where you will find the Royal yacht Britannia.

The architecture in Edinburgh is pretty spectacular, and it seems like every single building has gigantic Ionic, Doric, and Corinthian columns, except for the very modern Scottish Parliament building, which seems like it was plopped into the middle of a neighborhood where it doesn’t belong.

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