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Bern is the capital city of Switzerland built around a horseshoe bend in the Aare River. Dating back to the 12th century, much of the medieval architecture is preserved in the Altstadt (Old Town). The Swiss Parliament and diplomats meet in the Neo-Renaissance Bundeshaus (Federal Palace). The Französische Kirche (French Church) and the nearby medieval tower known as the Zytglogge both date to the 13th century.

The Gothic Cathedral of Bern has 15th-century stained glass windows and views over the Altstadt’s red roofs from its commanding spire. Across the Kirchenfeldbrücke – one of 18 bridges over the Aare – the Bern Historical Museum incorporates an Einstein Museum dedicated to the famous physicist and former city resident. Works by 20th-century artist Paul Klee are the focus of Zentrum Paul Klee, a modern museum with an undulating roof designed by Renzo Piano. The Kunstmuseum spans European art history. Bears, a mascot of the city, can be viewed in their riverside habitat, BärenPark.

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