Bran Castle, Romania

Stop #18

Bran Castle is the one everyone talks about when they mention Transylvania.  My vote would be to skip it and go instead to Pele’s Castle in Sinaia.  It was the true highlight or Transylvania.

I managed to get some pictures of Bran Castle that look as though nobody is anywhere near the place, but in all honesty, the place was mobbed more than any other stop on our itinerary.  It was both frustrating and disappointing.  The owners have marketed the place as Dracula’s castle, but as far as I could tell there is nobody that relevant that ever lived here.


  • Bran’s Castle – Muzeul Bran was built by Saxons from from Brasov in 1382 to defend the Bran pass against the Turks.
  • Bran the town is a “carnivalesque gauntlet of stalls hawking vampiric Tshirts and a myriad of day trippers. Somewhat Tacky!”  I couldn’t agree more.  Thank goodness we packed in other stops on this day!

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