About me

I never imagined I'd see this much of the world.

The first time I was on an airplane, I was 21 years old.  I never thought I'd look back at nearly 45 years old having traveled to so many places I dreamed of seeing when I was much younger.

I am so glad that I get to look back at a lot of really beautiful memories. This website is the place where several of my hobbies come together.  Most of all, I enjoy traveling and discovering new places with my family. With my camera hanging around my neck, the world unfolds before me enticing me to take endless pictures.

I hope you will enjoy my website. Please leave me some comments. I would love to hear your suggestions. I would also be grateful for any advice you have about capturing a photo in a way I hadn't considered. Most importantly, I hope these pictures help you to consider visiting a place you never thought to see. I am constantly looking for new ideas, and some of my favorite places came from suggestions of off-the-wall locations from friends.

Enjoy all that this great big world has to offer and take nothing for granted!

On this Website:

National Parks

The National Park Service portfolios capture photos of each of the 59 National Parks or other Monuments an affiliated parks.


Each of the portfolios in the navigation bar are organized by US or Foreign and then by either country or state.


Itineraries are the vacations that typically lad lots of stops and many memories.


These events are some of the important memories I have shared with friends and family.


I am 100% Acadian French with roots primarily in France, Nova Scotia, Maine, and Connecticut.  Learn a bit more about Acadian culture by linking to the history here. Click HERE

My Stuff

I started with a Pentax K1000 35mm years ago.  I eventually started using a SLR with a Nikon D90.  I upgraded to a Nikon D800 in 2012 and have never thought again of buying another body.  My lenses range from prime lenses to wide-angle and various telephoto lenses.

Where to Find Me:

Physical Address

Washington, DC

Winchester, VA

Boston, MA




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